“Memel wine” is a small boutique winery. Here is made exceptional quality, handcrafted, limited edition wine. The aim is only one using manual labor and local raw materials to make highest quality wine, which we can be proud of themselves , and to be valuated by other people.

Our Winery is located between Priekulė and Dreverna, surrounded by beautiful nature. In the distance, you can see meadows, which are divided into separate areas of regular shape by water channels, forests and the extraordinary beauty of the sand dunes, which are on the other side of the bay, in the Curonian Spit, which is recognized UNESCO heritage. The road near our winery winds to Dreverna, Svencelė, Mingė, Kintai, Ventės horn, a little further the road to Šilutė, Rusnė, Pagėgiai, and the historical road to Tilsit and Konigsberg.

There is nature around us which is one of the least affected by human. Around the lagoon just a breeze, which calm down in the evening and become complete peace of mind. It is ideal place for wine to come into being. Here are born “Memel wine”...